My Top 10 Books 2019/2020

Hello! Whether you found your way to this blog post because you are a fan of the podcast or if you have stumbled upon this page by way of the internet wormhole I welcome you to the best of my 2019/2020 world of reading. Putting this list together was a lot of fun; two years […]

Rainy day with Adolfo, Peruvian Tuk Tuk driver

I was caught green handed in a cloud of smoke when he burst through the door struggling to find his breath. I noticed a brown bag over his shoulders but didn’t think anything of it. Outside the thunder clapped and water poured through the roof. I got up from my seat at the table to […]

A life of…gardening?

In a plowed field outside of my dorm room in Peru I watch a couple pick weeds. Each with hoe in hand, they move row by row, up and down the field bent over in labor. I wonder if it’s meditative work. I think tending a garden would be a valuable hobby or skill. A […]

New Relationships

I met a man on a mountainside this week. An empty mountainside nearly 14,000 feet high in a remote area of Peru’s Sacred Valley. For me the day leading up to our introduction was pure bliss. My soul felt stirred and my spirit alive. I love my life, I love where I am, I love […]

Carry wood, do hard shit

Sometime earlier this week a truck unloaded a small forest of chopped logs on the street below the hostel. I thought, “I am going to help those mother fuckers haul those logs when they get here.” I had a feeling that I needed a good hard day of work. Sometimes I forget what a hard […]

Compassion- does distance equal indifference?

I. Human bandwidth for compassion is not an infinite resource. Each of us is saddled with a set of problems unique to us- big or small, trivial or catastrophic. Roughed up daily by our personal relationships, our financial status, and our health- both physical and mental. Can’t leave out our workplace which never hesitates to […]